Faculty of Animal, Agriculture, Conservation and Environment

A Distance Learning Course of 7 Lessons Ecology is the study of the relationship between plants and animals and their physical and biological environment. The field of ecology is a distinct scientific discipline, it does contribute to the study and understanding of environmental problems.This College course in Ecology will provide… More
Garden Design
A Distance Learning Course of 12 LessonsExplore the art of garden design in this comprehensive course. You will learn the fundamental elements of style, basic techniques and professional tricks necessary to design the gardens of your dreams.Professional garden design is something that is inspirational and is essentially solving …More
A Distance Learning Course of 14 LessonsThe growing of plants and understanding of the make-up of the soil and the best way to ensure you maximise the ground around you is a skill a lot of us want to know. The course provides the skills and knowledge needed to better understand this complex subject…More
A Distance Learning Course of 8 LessonsDo you watch the TV gardening programmes and wonder how you could be as diverse as the presenters are with the different garden designs they come up with? Our course in Landscaping will provide you with the skills to set you on this road to success.The course aims to develop a solid…More