Faculty of Education and Teaching

General Principles of Teaching
A Distance Learning Course of 7 Lessons The teacher is seen as a professional worker whose authority and place in society depends on a special role and competence. The teacher is a craftsman and a professional, and usually wants to be treated as such.

It is essential is that the teacher should have sufficient knowledge and skill to be able to help others who want to learn, and have the necessary competence in teaching… More
Instructor Skills 
A Distance Learning Course of 9 LessonsAny instructor, like a teacher, needs to have the skills and knowledge to be able to get their message across to their pupils. This course will give you the communication skills to provide the correct level of instruction to the pupils. …More
Teaching English as a Second Language 
A Distance Learning Course of 6 LessonsThe UK has a significant number of visitors and residents whose primary language is not English, resulting in ever-expanding opportunities for teachers of English as a second language. With the growth of English as the international language of business and communication these teachers are now finding themselves stretched to capacity. This course will enable you to pass on your own skills and knowledge to start your career in this fascinating subject…More