Faculty of Health, Complemantary & Nursing

A Distance Learning Course of 10 Lessons Acupressure is often thought of as being a poor substitute for Acupuncture and yet in skilled hands can be just as effective for many of the conditions more traditionally treated by needles…. More
Anatomy & Physiology
A Distance Learning Course of 14 LessonsThis course has been designed for use in the complementary health therapies. The acquisition of knowledge of human anatomy and physiology is essential in these therapies. In this course the student will develop comprehension of the structure and function of the human body, of the …More
A Distance Learning Course of 24 Lessons Aromatherapy is the fragrant art of using specially selected aromatic oils for therapeutic purposes. It is one of the fastest growing complementary therapies in the world. All essential oils are antiseptic and have different effects – some regulate metabolic function…. More
A Distance Learning Course of 7 LessonsIn this course, you will be introduced to biochemistry, which is the study of the chemical processes which take place in living cells. People are sometimes deterred from studying this subject by the thought of the chemistry and physics on which it is based. This course aims to show that …More
Chinese Medical Theory
A Distance Learning Course of 56 LessonsThe course is designed to introduce you to Chinese Medical Theory. It is believed to be the first course aimed at understanding this subject without having to attend university or other full and part-time courses. In all, over 1250 different topics, in 57 lessons this course will grow into …More
Foot Health Practitioner
A Distance Learning Course of 12 LessonsThere is no greater satisfaction than to care for others, and our Foot Health Practitioner course gives you the opportunity to do just that in your own practice. The human foot is one of the most complex and neglected of body parts. Every step we take places two and a half times our body …More
Holistic Back Practitioner
A Distance Learning Course of 10 Lessons A number of therapies have success with back problems to various degrees. One shortfall with this is our own individual uniqueness. What works for one, may not work for someone else. The basis of this course, is that it offers a bundle of techniques, approaches and ideas from a… More
Holistic Beauty Therapist
A Distance Learning Course of 31LessonsThis innovative course has been specifically designed for the therapist who wishes to have the complete training in Beauty treatments which include, massage, aromatherapy, diet and nutrition and reflexology. The main benefits of this course is the vast and the diverse range of therapies  …More
Holistic Health Therapist
A Distance Learning Course of 18 LessonsThis innovative diploma course is designed to provide opportunities for students to work as Holistic Health Therapists in their own work settings.The continual assessment method employed by the College with tutor support and motivation throughout the duration of the course will ensure that you achieve your goals…More
A Distance Learning Course of 12 Lessons Kinesiology is a system of natural health care which combines muscle testing with the principles of meridian energy flow and acupressure points in the body.Muscle testing is used as a diagnostic tool and combining this with a range of gentle but powerful healing techniques, health can be improved and vitality increased… More
A Distance Learning Course of 8 LessonsMacrobiotics is an approach to health in which the individual is able to study how food, exercise and lifestyle affects their health and balances them to suit their own needs. As each person is unique and has individual requirements, the balances and uses of basic foods will vary….More
A Distance Learning Course of 20 Lessons“Massage is a gentle and effective way of helping the body to heal itself.”
Over 2000 years ago Hippocrates said “rubbing can bind a joint that is too loose and loosen a joint that is too rigid.” This is what is so amazing about massage – the same brisk movements that can induce an invigorated feeling can be softened and performed slowly to induce sleep.
Massage has both physical and psychological benefits. This course has been designed to teach the student the more refined techniques of massage which are easy to learn …More
Remedial Massage
A Distance Learning Course of 10 LessonsWhat is remedial massage? Basic anatomy & physiology Health & safety during massage Neck & shoulder problems Back problems Leg & hip problems Arm problems Essential oils and how they can assist in muscle correction .Detailed tuition will be given on how massage affects the various systems of the body, its benefits and how remedial massage differs from relaxation massage. …More
Yoga Teacher
A Distance Learning Course of 10 LessonsGraduates from Yoga studies can now further their career to meet the increased demand for Yoga Teachers. This course is designed to equip you with all of the necessary skills to develop and deliver classes, building upon the foundation of your preferred yoga styles. It will also complement other natural healing and counselling courses….More