Faculty of Social Care Studies

Caring for Older People
A Distance Learning Course of 7 Lessons

The care of older people is a complex and skilled branch of health care. To be effective, carers need to be knowledgeable, flexible and positive in their interventions. This course’s objectives are based on the idea that care of older people needs to be holistic. This means that in order to … More
Caring for People with Learning Disabilities
A Distance Learning Course of 6 Lessons

Thanks to advances in medical technology, we are living in an era when more people with learning disabilities can now live functional lives. As more of the learning disabled are at home rather than in hospital situations or institutions, it has become necessary for a wider base of…More
Mental Health and Social Work
A Distance Learning Course of 6 Lessons

By the end of this course you will be able to demonstrate an understanding of the basic values and principles underlying anti-mentalist practice. This course aims to enable you to critically appraise the major existing theories, models and treatment methods in this field and to critically …More
Social Studies
A Distance Learning Course of 20 Lessons

Have you ever attended a wedding and watched the faces of the near relatives, and wondered what sort  of a marriage the couple would have – what influence the in-laws would have, how the housework would be distributed, where the household would be set up, etc? Have you ever noticed …More