Faculty of Sports Science

Fitness Management
A Distance Learning Course of 12 Lessons 

If you are keen on sports or general fitness, then this is the course for you as we teach you to understand what fitness really is, and it enables you to develop a balanced fitness programme for yourself or for your clients… More
Personal Fitness Trainer
A Distance Learning Course of 20 Lessons

This course is designed to enable the fitness instructor and coach develop their skills in providing a dedicated one-to-one service for health and fitness clients. By reviewing and then expanding their knowledge, therapists will be expected to assess the wants and needs of their clients, …More
Sports Massage
A Distance Learning Course of 10 Lessons

Many body masseurs are now applying their skills and techniques into the sporting arena with great success. This type of treatment is finding a niche market in the health and fitness facilities, and many therapists are offering this service both as part of their employment and on a freelance…More
Sports Nutrition
A Distance Learning Course of 10 Lessons

Sportsmen and women are no longer leaving anything to chance in the preparation for and duration of competition. Good, sound nutritional advice is now being sought by those who are very serious about competing and planning for an event is now becoming just as important as psychological and …More