Faculty of Women’s Health & Beauty

Anti -Ageing
A Distance Learning Course of 10 Lessons 

Wave goodbye to sags, bags and wrinkles, a non-existent sex life and always feeling tired. Leave the fear of looking old behind you and welcome in a firm, slim, supple body, clear skin, shiny hair and strong nails. This programme will show you or allow you to teach others how to … More
Beauty Salon Management
A Distance Learning Course of 10 LessonsEvery beauty salon needs good management. To make all aspects of the business both profitable and administratively sound. Everyone working in the salon should have an understanding of specific aspects of the day to day management and administrative function along with their beauty career  …More
Beauty Therapist 
A Distance Learning Course of 15 LessonsHow long you live rests largely in your own hands. So does how well you live, how much vitality you have and how good you will look in twenty years’ time.” Leslie Kenton, Ageless Ageing – The Natural Way to Stay Young.The beauty therapist with the correct qualifications will be …More
Woman’s Health (ProFemme) Practitioner
A Distance Learning Course of 12 LessonsThe knowledge from this course can be used to set up a practice as a ProFemme practitioner. It will also become a valuable qualification for therapists wanting to increase their knowledge about their female clients or to combine with other courses such as counselling, stress management, weight consultancy and nutrition…More